A quick hello; Welcome!

First of all, welcome to this new chapter of my life. Well, it is not new for me but more of a big leap into a pool where I only had dipped my toes in once in a while.

However, since January I found my balls courage to share my journey as a photographer with the world. Moreover, today (yes, I know it is June, but procrastination was in full effect back then) I want to share my portfolio with the everybody. Feel free to click and scroll trough the pictures. This collection of photos showcases my love for food, drinks, and well-designed interiors. All photos are taken to suit the needs, concepts of the client. As a photographer, I try to capture that moment that can tell a chapter of the story. The photos maybe are just stills, but if the still could talk 😉

If you are interested in working with me, just send me an email: info@waiseuchan.nl And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or Facebook.


Wai Seu Chan (Wai for short ;))

PS: I will share more stories over time in the blog section!

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